oh dear christian college

Most of you know (because we're not shy about it in the least) that Tom and I are Abilene Christian University grads. We think ACU is fabulous. Just the best. Would do it all again in a heartbeat...although Tom says he'd start at ACU instead of wasting freshman year and half of sophomore year at some other university that shall not be named.

take two

Now let's be fair. I was honest when I said that I might abandon that whole blogging thing. Maybe some of you didn't take me seriously, but obviously that was your mistake. I am fickle, and I didn't like that all of the sudden I felt like I had to post because people were telling me that I had to post. Blogging suddenly felt like a job and I just wasn't feeling it.

And so it begins.

Disclaimer: Y'all. I know I posted this in April. Don't let the "posted in October" thing throw you off. You are 100% correct, I am a quitter. Here's the thing: in designing this blog, I needed a sample post to play with so that I could see my code/selections and how they were playing out, so I used the old post. Since finishing (for now) the basic design features, I figured I'd leave this here permanently since I abandoned the original blog. It was cramping my style. So yes, this post is like six months old. Just do me a favor and pretend like it's not. You're the best.