Lyla's Room

Now there's one room in our house that I just love. Y'all. I love it. I love it so much. It could be because it's the only room that I actually planned from the beginning. It could be because I've spent so much time in there, or because one of my favorite small humans lives there, or because I'm really drawn to neutral tones with pops of color. I don't care what the reason is. I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it.

The rest of our house is a conglomeration of items that both Tom and I have picked up since we started college. The guest room is my college house furniture, as is the study and play room. The kitchen table is a hand-me-down from Tom's parents when they moved back to England. I love our dining room furniture, but if you've been to our house, you know that it consists of an antique buffet and a table + bench. There are no chairs. Don't judge me. Our den is all from craigslist, bought over the course of 2 days in the summer of 2010 when we realized...we didn't own couches. This wasn't a problem but then suddenly we had a living room and people expect to sit somewhere other than your floor when they come over. Our bedroom is actually my brother's furniture that we're "storing" for him until he moves out to his own place know...needs his bed and dressers back.

But Lyla's room. Lyla's room was empty when we moved in, and I slowly filled it with things that I loved that were specifically purchased to, get this, match the other things in the room. This is not to say that I bought everything in there: some of it was cannibalized from other parts of the house, stolen from other people's houses, or even handmade. But the difference is: everything inside of those walls is there because it was put there intentionally. It all matches. It is part of a bigger room. And I love it.

So her room actually started, as many other things in this house did, with interesting choices by the previous owner. Interesting choices. Now I apologize if this is your style, but pink walls with pink painted bows and ribbons is too much for me. Too. Much.

oh hey pink.

a close up of the swirls. because i just couldn't help it. 

remember the sweet, shiny brass doorknobs I mentioned in the kitchen post. they just go so well with the chrome ceiling fan and pink swirls. so good. so good.
Clearly (to me at least) something needed to be done.

I'd seen a surge in people stenciling walls right when we moved in, and I was curious. I'd never done anything like it. I'm not a wallpaper person, but I do love paint. Because if you don't like it, you paint over it. It's basically like it never happened (thank goodness, in some cases). I had time to spare and an empty room that I wasn't doing anything with. I knew it would be a nursery one day, and I figured if it worked out and I had a girl: great. If it didn't: that's what new paint is for. So I started painting. And after I was done painting, we added crown molding and painted some more. And I just love it so much.

see how it's the same color, only the difference in finishes gives it a cool highlight texture thing going on.
because I'm really proud that this is how our first "add molding to a room" project worked out.

The wall color is Benjamin Moore Bare in eggshell. The ceiling is Valspar Gold 4 in satin. The crown molding and baseboards are Sherwin Williams Dover White in Semi Gloss. The stencil is approximately one million 8oz bottles of Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic craft paint in PearlFinish (from every Michaels Craft Store in a 25 mile radius).

The stencil I used is the Gabrielle Damask from Cutting Edge Stencils. I also bought this level and cannot recommend doing that part enough if you're planning on taking on a project like this. I actually chose these colors because I love that you don't really see the stencil when you're looking at a wall straight on. It's like highlights to the wall, you only catch them when you see it from an angle. They catch the light and hold it differently, but they're not loud and bold like a lot of stencils are. I love that look, too, but it just wasn't what I was going for in here. I also stenciled every wall, and I think it would've been really overwhelming to have a bold look. This is very muted but definitely makes the room interesting.

So I painted this room. I also hated the ceiling fan so I hunted around on craigslist for months until I found an antique chandelier I liked. I actually didn't find it until I was like 7 months pregnant, and ended up driving to south Arlington  after my last day of school to get it. But I love it. It's great. Tom only hits his head on it occasionally. 

And so this room sat. It was painted and I loved how it turned out, but we weren't going to be using it for anything anytime soon. We thought.

Now I've mentioned that I buy things on craigslist. And I actually love doing it. You can find some really great stuff on there, but it takes a lot of dedication and patience. That's why I'm not thrilled with the furniture we got for our den- I just didn't have the time! When I'm looking for something specific, I check at least once [but usually upwards of three times] every single day. I use a variety of search terms, my favorites being some misspellings. [most people don't know, but I actually own a "antique dinning room chandaleir." no joke here, that's what it was listed as.] So if I know I'm going to want something in the future, I start looking months or years out. Like maybe I was already looking at cribs a few months after we got married. Good deals are out there y'all, you just have to be proactive! Stop judging me.

Proof of my good deals: I bought this crib. Yes. That one. And for less than a tenth of what it retails for! The deals. They're out there. I just knew deep down in the depths of my heart that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, ijusthavetojumponit yolo. Just imagine having texting that to your poor husband who was just livin life as a 24 year old boy, not expecting to have a conversation about baby furniture over his lunch break. He handled it very well though, and told me to buy the crib. So I did, and then I hid it in the closet of the room and piled some boxes in front of it so that no guests would happen upon it. Funnily enough, turned out we needed it a little sooner than we planned. So about 6 months later, we pulled that crib back out of the closet and crossed our fingers that we'd have a girl or a very understanding boy.

yep. found out we were pregnant so we whipped out the crib and sat it in the middle of the otherwise empty (but painted!) room. excuse the iPhone picture with the weird blue tint, it's all I have and I don't want to photoshop it.

The rest of the room came together over the course of a few months:

  • I found the rug and mirror at HomeGoods. 
  • The dresser, end table and chest of drawers were all from my previous bedrooms (in college or my parents' house). I did replace the drawer knobs on the chest with some antique crystal ones I found on ebay or etsy, i honestly can't remember which. 
  • I tried for as long as I had been crib shopping to find a rocker on craigslist, but it just never happened. I broke down and ordered the Quinn by Best Chairs from a local baby boutique store. It was expensive, but I spent spend so much time in that chair, I'm glad I got one that's so stinking comfortable. 
  • I also totally splurged on baby bedding and picked fabrics and had it made because I have exactly ZERO sewing skills. I learned how to sew a button from this Art of Manliness tutorial about a month ago and I'm still bragging about it. Yes, still. So if you're like me and can't sew anything and want to splurge on bedding (I'm warning you, it's not cheap) and are from the Dallas area, I can't recommend BeDazzled Fairview enough. I love them. They're great. Lyla's bedding is gorgeous. I also got her big girl bedding there. 
  • The painted letters for her name are also from BeDazzled, and they even matched Avery's name to the same style a year later. Seriously, they're great. 
  • The curtains are from Walmart (yes, Walmart) and are awesome. They almost completely black out her room in the middle of the day and match her room perfectly. I couldn't find any that I liked anywhere and was rummaging through the Walmart aisles in desperation when I found them. I couldn't believe it. I think I'm still in shock. 
  • I actually made the window box/valance/whatever you want to call it thing. I found the name of the toile fabric we used in the bedding, ordered some of it online, did some googling, and built the box. 8 months pregnant. This was a terrible idea. I regretted it so so so many times. But I actually got it done. By myself. Except for the box building part, because Tom and my dad did that part. But I upholstered it, and I think we can all agree that the upholstering is the most complicated part. I would so rather build a box. But that's neither here nor there. Anyway, I love it now...almost two years later. But that was a labor of love [that could've induced actual labor it was that stressful and physically demanding.] I'd also never upholstered anything, so I'm not sure I really understood what I was getting into. Especially since the width of the box was wider than the width of the fabric by a whopping 6 inches. Have you ever tried matching up two pieces of toile? Because I have. Fun times abound. 
  • I snagged the Lux rosebud throw last minute (it arrived like a day before Lyla did) off of One Kings Lane, and it's awesome.
  • I stole the cute little antique lamp from my mom's bathroom. It didn't match anymore anyway and it's perfect for Lyla's room and we all know my mom would give her left foot away for her grandbabiesss.

Bear with me on the picture front, all of my good pictures of her room are on my macbook's iPhoto library...which has suddenly decided to corrupt itself and I'm too horrified to even contemplate losing my pictures. So I'm dealing with that right now and decided this blog post will go up with the pictures I have on the iMac and I'll go back and replace/update when I get my other system running on all cylinders. Or rip my pictures from its death grip. You know, whichever.


iPhone picture, but you can at least see the rug here (don't mind the bear dog. or the play mat that I had in there before there was a real, live baby in there.)
yes. I'm the person that puts a mirror within arms reach of the changing table. it's well mounted. kinda. move along please.

This picture is probably the most true to life in terms of the color of the room in sunlight. Lots of these pictures were taken at dusk when people were pestering me for pictures of the room and I was just SO SO pregnant and just wanted it done. But ideally, this coloring is what they'd all show.

my chandelier. or dinning room chandaleir. or chandler. or shandelier. craigslist has the most creative spellers.

I was trying to show how the stenciling appears and disappears depending on the light. You can kinda see that here.

The valance box whatever thing that we made. I actually love it. I just hated myself for thinking it was a good idea to make it at that particular point in my life. Have y'all seen my "pregnant with Lyla" pictures? No? That's because no one has. There are about 4 in all of existence. No maternity pictures. No snapshots. Nobody needs permanent images of that particular era in my life. It was rough, guys. Real rough. There was just so much ice cream involved. [if you're really curious, there are a few pictures from my baby shower that other people put up on facebook. bless.]

 Y'all. I love this room. I think it's the only room that I'll really be sad about leaving when we move eventually. I know I can recreate most of it, but it was such a labor of love and I loved actually being able to start a room from scratch. So much fun.

And this is what the room looks like today:

I didn't change much for her big girl room [and by much, I mean anything but the bed], mostly because I loved this room so much already. And for the record, I found the bed on craigslist. It's something like 60 or 70 years old and was pretty aesthetically challenged, but we had it refinished (shout out to Noteworthy Home) and it's awesome! I might've attempted this myself, but I was 8 months pregnant always again and I've learned not to take on labor intensive projects when 8 months pregnant. And like I mentioned, Lyla's new bedding is also from BeDazzled. And it matches her Walmart curtains. Who saw that coming? It also has a precious little stool that matches it, but somebody over the weight limit (not pointing any fingers...) might've sat on it and messed up the top so now it needs to be fixed. Which requires taking the upholstery off. Which requires putting it back on. And I think we've discussed my current thoughts on upholstering.

So anyway, there's my favorite room in the house, if you've made it through this novel of a post. I am not a concise writer or communicator, in general. I've never claimed to be. Apologies. I'm sure I'll be back in 3 to 6 months to update the blog again, per usual. Guess I'll see y'all in October!

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